Ohio Happy Hour Laws - What's Legal?

Like most states, Ohio allows for on-premises retail permit holders to offer "happy hour" pricing, subject to restriction. So what rules apply to happy hour in Ohio?

All permit holders must maintain on the premises a schedule of prices for drinks to be served or consumed on the premises. The prices must be effective for not less than one calendar month, dating from the first day of each month.

Prior to 9 p.m., permit holders are allowed to sell any of these drinks at a lower price during the designated “happy hour” periods. After 9 p.m., the permit holder must abide by the regular drink prices maintained on the schedule.

Many permit holders ask about drink specials targeted to specific individuals, such as adult league softball teams, or "ladies' night" specials - although these are fairly common practices, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control's interpretation of its minimum pricing requirements prohibits this practice.



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